Staff Recommended Reading List

The staff of State Support Team 4 would like to use this space to share with you our favorite books and podcasts. Each month you will be introduced to a new staff recommended book or podcast. We hope that you find something new to consider and possibly impact your personal professional development. 
Happy Reading!

November Recommended Podcast

Mind Shift



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Podcast reviewed by:  Lori Pinchot

Podcast Synopsis:

This series of podcasts goes beyond the grades, test scores and extra-curriculars to explore other points of learning.

Why I Recommend This Podcast: 

I particularly like season four which delves into topics such as: anxiety, the importance of play, school lunch and teaching about privilege and power. The perspectives from the students are so interesting. Each podcast is approximately 20 minutes in length, which is perfect for the workday commute. There are also supplemental blog posts at and you can tweet @MindShiftKQED.

October Recommended Podcast

Educate Podcast
By: APMreports
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Podcast reviewed by:  Teresa Brown

Podcast Synopsis:

Stories about education, opportunity, and how people learn. Digs deep into education research and how research translates into policy. Some of the podcast feeds are dedicated solely to documentaries.


Why I Recommend This Podcast: 

This podcast is relevant to every educator and presents discussions on a variety of topics from student engagement to higher education.  I was particularly interested in the episodes “At a loss for Words: What’s wrong with how schools teach reading” and “Hard Words: why aren’t kids being taught to read?”  The stories and research presented challenged my thinking of how children learn to read. 

September Recommended Podcast

Class Act: Updates in Education Law
by: Walter Haverfield, Attorneys At Law
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Book reviewed by:  Sonia Stevenson

Book Synopsis:

The challenges schools are facing today are increasing in scope and complexity. Why not spend your commute staying on top of the latest court decisions, best practices and emerging issues for school administrators?

Join Walter Haverfield education law attorneys Miriam Pearlmutter and Lisa Wolosynek, on their podcast, "Class Act: Updates in Education Law," for a discussion on timely topics. Learn about pitfalls for 504 plans, how to handle situations involving social media, including students with disabilities, and many more topics.

Why I Recommend This Book:

This podcast is relevant, engaging, and targets topics that many school administrators are facing every day. During your drive, get up to speed on the latest court cases, legal updates and best practices for educators in this conversational podcast! 

August Recommended Podcast

Coaching for Leaders
by: Dave Stachowiak 
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Podcast Reviewed By: Pam Kennedy

Podcast Synopsis:

Looking for a way to incorporate some powerful professional development into your day? Use your daily commute and download Coaching for Leaders with Dave Stachowiak. As Stachowiak, with years of leadership at Dale Carnegie and his own global leadership academy states, "Leaders aren't born, they're made." These podcasts are a great start. 

Valued by many, this 5-star podcast is downloaded 150,000 times monthly by leaders in all fields interested in conversations with best-selling authors and in learning the latest research. Dave's interviews and guests consistently introduce new tools you can depend on daily as either a systems or instructional coach. After each podcast, your professional tool box will burst with intriguing ideas and imaginative resources. That's right on target with Dave's goal to "help leaders discover practical wisdom, build meaningful relationships and create movement for genuine results." 

Additional materials can be found at the Coaching for Leaders website. The Dashboard provides access to archived podcasts like those with Patrick Lencioni and Michael Bungay Stanier. The Resources tab links you to on-line courses, additional materials and affiliated podcasts. Don't skip the Book Notes tab where Dave shares personal highlights and notes from current best sellers in the field often before the author's interview is even podcast.

Why I Recommend This Podcast: 

Make that time spent commuting work for you. Share it with Dave Stachowiak as he provides the latest on professional development for coaches in all fields.