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Ohio Leadership Advisory Council


The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council is a partnership between the Buckeye Association of School Administrators and the Ohio Department of Education. Our goal is to provide educators - no matter their role - with the structures and resources they need to develop shared and effective leadership at every level.

OLAC is an advisory and study group comprised of representatives of key professional associations, business and school board representatives, practitioners in leadership roles, higher education representatives, and state department of education personnel. These distinguished leaders from across the state came together to identify what it means to be a leader and what knowledge and skills it takes to successfully lead.

OLAC's mission is to provide educators with the structures and resources necessary to develop and support effective leadership at every level. The centerpiece of OLAC's work is the Ohio Leadership Development Framework. This framework promotes the use of collaborative structures - district leadership teams (DLTs), building leadership teams (BLTs), and teacher-based teams (TBTs) - to lead schools and share the responsibility for improving student achievement.

Voices in Leadership

Viviane Robinson: Viviane specializes in school improvement, leadership and the relationship between research and the improvement of practice. She is the author of five books and numerous chapters and journal articles. Her book, Student Centered Leadership, provides an evidence-based account of the knowledge and skills leaders require to make a significant impact on student outcomes.

@RobinsonViviane                   Student Centered Leadership 


Douglas Reeves: Douglas Reeves is the founder of Creative Leadership Solutions.  The mission of this non-profit is to improve educational opportunities for students throughout the world, applying creative solutions to leadership, policy, teaching, and learning.  Reeves has authored more than 30 books and over 80 articles about leadership and organizational effectiveness. He was named to the Harvard University Distinguished Authors Series twice and was named a Brock International Laureate for his contributions to education.   

@DouglasReeves                       http://www.douglasreeves.com/ 

The Learning Leader: How to Focus School Improvement for Better Results 

100-Day Leaders: Turning Short-Term Wins Into Long-Term Success in Schools (A 100-Day Action Plan for Meaningful School Improvement)

Achieving Equity and Excellence: Immediate Results From the Lessons of High-Poverty, High-Success Schools (A strategy guide to equitable classroom practices and results for high-poverty schools)
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