Staff Recommended Read/Podcast List

The staff of State Support Team 4 would like to use this space to share with you our favorite books and podcasts. Each month you will be introduced to a new staff recommended book or podcast. We hope that you find something new to consider and possibly impact your personal professional development. 
Happy Reading!

March Recommended Read

Conquering Dyslexia

By: Jan Hasbrouck

Book reviewed by: Jennifer Kuhn

Book Synopsis:

In Conquering Dyslexia, Dr. Hasbrouck shares what dyslexia is, signs to look for, how dyslexia is diagnosed, and the instructional approaches that work best for children who have this disorder. This book also provides information for families so they can advocate for their children and communicate with educators effectively.

Why I Recommend This Book:

On January 9, 2021 House Bill 436 was signed into law. This law addresses universal screening for early identification of students with dyslexia and professional development for teachers. This text helps all members of the support success circle understand why HB 436 was passed, to gain a common understanding of dyslexia and how to best support our students.

February Recommended Podcast

PBIS Video Series: Tiered Fidelity Inventory, Data-based Decision Making and Supporting the Needs of the Whole Child

By: Ohio Department of Education/OCALI with State Support Team Support

(Click Photo to go to login. Must have login to SAFE account on OHID website, then access the Learning Management System, Course Catalog, Search: PBIS) 

Podcast Reviewed By: Carrie McClure 

Podcast Synopsis:

"This video series provides in-depth information and resources about the important components of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) for implementation with fidelity to support continuous improvement in the areas of whole child, data, and the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI). The whole child video modules address the needs of the whole child by introducing external factors to better understand how to support the individual needs of students through trauma informed practices and social, emotional learning. The data video modules inform how to collect and use data to inform decision-making within PBIS implementation. The TFI video modules discuss how the TFI provides a valid, reliable, and efficient measure of the extent to which teams are applying the core features of PBIS."

Why I Recommend This Podcast: 

My colleague, Krista Dickens, and myself are PROUD to have many buildings with high level PBIS implementation and sustainability of practices in our region.

LMS Module: TFI - We have looked at adult implementation data (TFI) for many years, but how do we use that TFI data to inform our ACTION PLAN? 
LMS Module: Data Based Decision Making - With a community increase in Social-Emotional needs, Trauma Impact, and Ohio/Regional increases in exclusionary discipline (Suspensions, ISS/OSS, and Expulsions), now is the time to dig deeper to see if our behavior support systems are working by examining STUDENT PROGRESS DATA! 
LMS Module: Supporting the Needs of the Whole Child - Finally, stretch yourself to think outside of the box, utilize our community partners to support students and families. Take a peek into what some districts are doing to support THE WHOLE CHILD!

January Recommended Podcast

Expert Instruction: The Teach by Design Podcast
By: PBISApps
(Click photo to go to podcast)
Podcast reviewed by: Krista Dickens

Podcast Synopsis:

Teach by Design gives K-12 leaders and educators tools and strategies that they need to make their classrooms more effective and equitable, where they spend more time teaching and less time negotiating student behavior. Every second Tuesday of the month they come out with a new article designed to help with a common problem. Then, every third Tuesday of the month a new episode of Expert Instruction: The Teach by Design Podcast is released which includes conversations with researchers, practitioners, and community members who do this work every day.

Why I Recommend This Podcast:

My SST colleague, Carrie McClure, and I LOVE both these articles and podcasts. Not only do they address common issues we see in our region, I appreciate that similar content is delivered in the format of both an engaging article AND a well-produced podcast that can be listened to on the go. Start 2023 off right and check this site out!

December Recommended Podcast

Designing Education

By: Dr. Robert Balfanz 

(Click photo to go to podcast)

Podcast reviewed by: Crystal Bryski

Podcast Synopsis:

Conversations with leaders in education from around the country on bold new ideas and research-based strategies for redesigning American education to most effectively engage all students and equip them for the challenges of today's workplace and world.

Why I Recommend This Podcast: 

This podcast explores the many variables that impact students' access to education and their ability to not only earn a high school diploma, but to realize a successful future. The engaging episodes are dedicated to exploring the structure of our current systems, while challenging our thinking to encourage us to shift how we "do school" to better meet each of our students' needs.

November Recommended Podcast

Family to Family Podcast

By: Tom Capretta and Fara Allen from the Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center

(Click photo to go to podcast)

Podcast Reviewed By: Tricia McCollum

Podcast Synopsis:

Join host Tom Capretta as he hears the experiences, advice, and expertise from families on topics and questions about the education system. This podcast blends the stories of Ohio families with strategies from education professionals. the range of topics is designed to support families as they partner with schools.

Why I Recommend This Podcast:

I am so excited for this new podcast! It is created for families by families throughout the state of Ohio. The episodes are short (30 minutes or less) so they are easy to listen to in one session. Within each episode, you can hear the experiences from real families as they advocate for their children and learn effective ways to partner with their child's school.

October Recommended Read

Culturally Proficient Leadership: The Personal Journey Begins Within
By: Raymond D. Terrell, Eloise K. Terrell, Randall B. Lindsey and Delores B. Lindsey

Book Reviewed By: Liesl Blackwell

Book Synopsis:

The authors of this book have worked to provide the reader the opportunity to:

  • explore and learn "how" and "from whom" you developed your assumptions, values, and beliefs about people who are culturally different from you
  • learn from people who are culturally different from you
  • develop an international frame for culturally proficient leadership practice
  • learn how to model appropriate responses to persons who are like and who are different from you
  • develop the skill and will to address issues of inequality that abide in your school or district.
It is the hope of the authors that the readers of this book will be able to seek opportunities to develop meaningful relationships across racial, gender, class, religious, language, and gender-identity linked in order to have dialogue and reflection together.


Why I Recommend This Book: 

Is this book for you? It is, if you wish to make a positive difference in the lives of ALL children, youth and adult learners. Reading this book is a way in which you can begin to take the journey to create your own leadership equity story. It is necessary to reflect on your personal cultural learnings and determine how those learnings inform the leader that you are today and in turn, provide you with the information to be intentional in choosing the leader that you will be tomorrow.

September Recommended Read

Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen
by: Dan Heath

Book reviewed by: Dr. Teresa Brown

Book Synopsis:

"When you spend years responding to problems, you can sometimes overlook the fact that you could be preventing them." Upstream is all about the power of prevention. The book explores the psychological forces that push us "downstream" and keeps us from preventative "upstream" thinking. These forces include "problem blindness", tunneling, and lack of ownership. The book is full of case studies that give concrete examples of how shifting your thinking can have big results.

Why I Recommend This Book:

I am a huge fan of Dan Heath. He is also the author of "Switch", which is one of my favorite books on change leadership. I like this book because it challenges you to get out of the cycle of putting out fires and start to think of how to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

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