Staff Recommended Read/Podcast List

The staff of State Support Team 4 would like to use this space to share with you our favorite books and podcasts. Each month you will be introduced to a new staff recommended book or podcast. We hope that you find something new to consider and possibly impact your personal professional development. 
Happy Reading!

September Recommended Read

Districts That Succeed: Breaking the Correlation Between 
Race, Poverty, and Achievement
by: Karin Chenoweth

Book reviewed by: Teresa Brown

Book Synopsis:

What do successful districts look like? How do the leaders in them think about improvement and school leadership? What do they do differently? Districts that succeed, profiles five districts that have successfully broken the correlation between race, poverty, and achievement. The author explores the common elements that have led to success, including leadership, processes, and systems in districts that serve children of color and children from low-income backgrounds. 

Why I Recommend This Book:

Districts that succeed is a very timely and important book. Many districts are examining data that reveal disproportionality for children of color and children from low-income backgrounds. A student’s background cannot be an excuse for low achievement.  The book does an excellent job of identifying a diverse set of districts who are all approaching their work through different frames but who are all also executing key practices that allow them to make progress over time.