Staff Recommended Read/Podcast List

The staff of State Support Team 4 would like to use this space to share with you our favorite books and podcasts. Each month you will be introduced to a new staff recommended book or podcast. We hope that you find something new to consider and possibly impact your personal professional development. 
Happy Reading!

May Recommended Read

The School Discipline Fix

By: J. Stuart Ablon and Alisha R. Pollastri

(Guided Questions to Facilitate a Book Study - Link)

Book Reviewed By: Niky Brazofsky

Book Synopsis:

Drs. Ablon and Pollastri have collaborated with schools worldwide to enhance the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach, crafting a systematic program for educators grounded in neuroscience research. This approach acknowledges that problematic classroom behaviors stem from a lack of skill, not will. Their book offers practical assessment tools to identify skill deficiencies, such as frustration management, tolerance, and adaptability, which often underlie students' challenging behaviors. Whether you're a teacher, counselor, coach, or administrator, adopting the CPS method for school discipline equips you with a fresh perspective, an assessment framework, and an effective intervention strategy tailored to each challenging student. You'll gain actionable strategies to implement immediately with the students in your life.

Why I Recommend This Book: 

In a time where challenging behavior in schools interferes with learning on a daily basis, I find it incredibly important to utilize a trauma-sensitive approach to supporting our students, and colleagues, through these taxing situations. Understanding that a teacher's time is valuable and limited, the CPS approach is a quick strategy to use when working through challenging situations with students. CPS is an evidence-based practice that aligns with PBIS, MTSS, job-ready skills, and social-emotional learning. The framework was developed from years of research in neuroscience, and aims to break the cycle of chronic stress/trauma and punitive discipline.

April Recommended Read

Interconnecting School Mental Health and School-Wide PBIS 

Volume 2: An Implementation Guide 

By: Lucille Eber, Susan Barrett, Kelly Perales, Jennifer Jeffrey-Pearsal, Katie Pohlman, Robert Putnam, Joni Splett, and Mark Weist

(Click the photo for the Ebook Resource)

Book Reviewed By: Carrie McClure

Book Synopsis:

This was a collaboration among practitioners and researchers from the fields of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and School Mental Health. Focus is on school based teams using relevant data to offer an expanded continuum of small group and individualized interventions on our menu of MTSS supports, based on student needs. 

The Interconnected Systems Framework has 4 key messages:

  • Single System of Delivery

  • Mental Health is for ALL 

  • Access is Not Enough 

  • MTSS is Essential to Install School Mental Health

Why I Recommend This Book: 

Mental Health and Trauma Prevalence in districts has culminated in the need to contract with mental health community partnerships in order to deliver a comprehensive tiered system of mental health supports for students and families. The resource pulls from states and districts using Interconnected Systems Framework systems approach and practical considerations to expand and improve mental health services in districts.

March Recommended Read

Ohio's Literacy Anchors

By: Ohio Department of Education & Workforce

Ohio's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement - PDF 
Ohio's Dyslexia Guidebook - PDF 
Shifting to the Science of Reading - PDF

Book reviewed by: Jennifer Kuhn

Book Synopsis:

Ohio's Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement outlines Ohio's vision of literacy and literacy development and how educators and systems can support students from birth through grade 12. 

Ohio's Dyslexia Guidebook outlines best practices in literacy instruction, screening methods for intervention and remediation and structured literacy certification. In addition, it also includes an executive summary, district decision points, supporting resources, student vignettes and a glossary to support using a common language.

Shifting to the Science of Reading serves as a valuable discussion guide for school and district teams. It contains practical recommendations for shifting to the science of reading in the k-5 and 6-12 grade bands. The document highlights critical early literacy skills, elements of effective instruction, and explicit, systematic instruction. The document also includes the role and function of various teaming structures including DLT, BLT, and TBTs. Sample reflection questions are embedded and may be strategically used.

Why I Recommend This Book:

These guidance documents can be used to inform local plans and ensure cohesive and aligned supports across the educational cascade.

February Recommended Podcast

Ennis Britton's On the Call

By: Jeremy Neff and Erin Wessendorf-Wortman

(Click Photo to go to Podcast) 

Podcast Reviewed By: Dr. Teresa Brown

Podcast Synopsis:

The Special Education Team of Ennis Britton hosts the podcast "On the Call." Each episode starts with a "call" about a real-life special education scenario on topics like virtual meetings, Gender Dysphoria, Placement, IEE's, and FERPA. Ennis Britton attorneys Jeremy Neff and Erin Wessendorf-Wortman take the call and then discuss applicable cases and laws related to the scenario presented. Each episode ends with practical tips based on the attorney's experience serving school districts throughout Ohio.

Why I Recommend This Podcast: 

If you are interested in special education law or just like listening to a good podcast while driving, you should check out "On the Call." The hosts are very easy to listen to and they discuss law in a conversational way. Additionally, the team from Ennis Britton tackle some difficult subjects and break them down in a way that is easy to understand. I also like that the team provides tips at the end of every episode.

January Recommended Podcast

Take the Lead: Professional Learning Podcast
By: Dr. Dave Silverberg, Ashland University's Director of Professional Learning Services for NE Ohio
(Click photo to go to podcast)
Podcast reviewed by: Krista Dickens

Podcast Synopsis:

Dr. Dave Silverberg, Ashland University's Director of Professional Learning Services for NE Ohio, talks with Educators across Ohio about the things that are important to them including PreK-12 teaching, learning, and leadership. From conversations with Coaches to Teachers to Superintendents, Dr. Silverberg covers all-things related to education in a short, drive-to-work clip that will not only inform you about great things happening in schools across Ohio but will get you talking with others about it.

Why I Recommend This Podcast:

If you know Dr. Silverberg, I know you'll listen as soon as you read this. If you don't know him, promise yourself to take 10 minutes and give this podcast a listen. The conversations with his guests are not only important and informative, they are fun and easy to listen to. 

I especially appreciate that Take The Lead is produced and edited by students from the Modern Communication Through Media Production career technical program at Cuyahoga Falls High School, which is part of the Six District Educational Compact.

December Recommended Read

(Re)Defining the Goal: The True Path to Career Readiness in the 21st Century

By: Kevin K. Fleming, Ph.D. 

Book reviewed by: Dr. Crystal Bryski

Book Synopsis:

How is it possible that both university graduates and unfilled job openings are both at record-breaking highs?

Our world has changed. New and emerging occupations in every industry now require a combination of academic knowledge and technical ability. With rising education costs, mounting student debt, fierce competition for jobs, and the oversaturation of some academic majors in the work workforce, we need to once again guide students toward personality-aligned careers and not just into college. 

Extensively researched, (Re)Defining the Goal deconstructs the prevalent "one-size-fits-all" education agenda. The author provides a fresh perspective and replicable strategies and outlines six proven steps to help students secure a competitive advantage in the new economy.

Gain a new paradigm and the right resources to help students avoid the pitfalls of unemployment, or underemployment, after graduation.

Why I Recommend This Book: 

This book challenges the belief that every students' future depends on attending and graduating from a college or university. A college journey is not the only option where students find successful careers and happy lives.

November Recommended Podcast

Better Leaders Better Schools

By: Daniel Bauer

(Click photo to go to podcast)

Podcast Reviewed By: Liesl Blackwell

Podcast Synopsis:

Better Leaders Better Schools is the number one downloaded podcast for school leaders. This series, created and hosted by Daniel Bauer, presents a conversation with a new leadership expert each week. These out-of-the-box leaders, AKA 'ruckus makers', are making change happen in schools and districts all over the country.

Why I Recommend This Podcast:

Do you want to be a ruckus maker as an educational leader? What do you have to do to be a ruckus maker? Well here's the list: invest in your continuous growth, challenge the status quo, and design the future school now. Each week listeners can drop in on a conversation with leadership experts as they discuss ways in which they are reimagining education. From growing yourself as a leader to finding new ways to think about old problems to transforming your building culture, this podcast has something for everyone.

October Recommended Podcast

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast
By: Jennifer Gonzalez
(Click photo for link to Podcast)

Podcast Reviewed By: Dr. Tricia McCollum

Podcast Synopsis:

Teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, educational technology - if it has something to do with teaching, they're talking about it! Jennifer Gonzalez interviews educators, students, administrators and parents about the psychological and social dynamics of school, trade secrets, and other things you'll never learn in a textbook.

Why I Recommend This Podcast: 


This podcast was highly recommended and I immediately became hooked! The episodes take a deep dive into hot topics like trauma-informed learning and using ChapGPT. In between episodes, there are short (5 minutes) EduTips that cover one small, useful topic that teachers can use in their classrooms.

September Recommended Read

In Support of Students: A Leader's Guide to Equitable MTSS
by: Drs. Katie Novak and Kristian Rodriguez

Book reviewed by: Ashley Girt

Book Synopsis:

"In Support of Students", takes K-12 educators through an in-depth study of the conceptual framework and theories foundational to MTSS, but also offers hands-on advice around building structures, teams, understanding and using data effectively, and how to build a system that fosters success for each student.

Why I Recommend This Book:

MTSS is truly the gateway to equitable educational practices. When educators look at the needs of each student and structure their system to promote high level learning for ALL, everyone succeeds.

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