PBIS Recognition Information

Application Video Supports: 2020-21

2020-21 PBIS Application VIDEO Supports now available for Principals, PBIS District and Building Coaches which reflect submission requirements for 2020-21 PBIS Recognition Application.  At your discretion, these can also be shared with PBIS teams, RTI or MTSS teams, and Building Leadership Teams.

FOR ALL Buildings/ Districts Applying for 2020-21 PBIS Recognition this year including those planning to STAYPUT:

The Ohio Department of Education information:

Coaching Tips for Spring 2020

FOR ONLY Buildings/ Districts applying to STAYPUT (e.g. was Silver, wants to stay Silver): Submitting materials to SST4

FOR ONLY Buildings & Districts applying for NEW (e.g. Bronze) or HIGHER LEVEL (e.g. previously Bronze, now applying for Silver) awards: 

  1. PBIS Application: access to the electronic binder 

  1. Sign up for TFI walk through and TFI team rating of BLT/PBIS team

  • Sign Up for TFI Walk Through 

  • TFI Scheduling

  • Please note, the first 3 minutes of the video reference 2019-20 dates. Dates for this school year that teams should be familiar with are: 

    • Sign up for TFI Walkthrough by 3/31/21

    • You will receive confirmation of your TFI within 1 week of signing up.


  1. Preparation for the TFI Walk Through and TFI Team Rating  1 hour per tier

  1. Application for Recognition/School Profile Template

        5. Tier 1 collection of evidence 

  1. Tier 2 collection of evidence 

        7. Tier 3 collection of evidence 

Contact Information


Carrie McClure
Cell: 440-759-9282
Krista Dickens
Cell: 216-702-4927