• What is ED STEPS?
    ED STEPS is the Education Department’s System of Tiered E-Plans and Supports (ED STEPS). It is a process for improving the way the Department coordinates, collaborates and communicates to support districts and schools in addressing their needs. ED STEPS standardizes timelines and streamlines the process for assessing needs, developing plans and applying for funds. The ED STEPS process will be supported by improvements to the Department’s technology systems and tools, most notably the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP), over the next several years.

What is the One Needs Assessment?
The One Needs Assessment is a tool designed to allow districts (including community schools) and schools to identify all their needs in single location to drive impactful planning and funding applications. Starting in January 2021, the CCIP Needs Assessment is no longer available. All districts and schools are to use the One Needs Assessment.  

Conducting a Root Cause Analysis

Liesl Blackwell
Crystal Bryski
Steve Ramos

**If you would like support to complete your One Needs Assessment and Root Cause Analysis, please contact your SST4 School Improvement Consultant.**