It takes a community to raise a reader. 
The most important thing we can do for children is to help them become readers. Children who acquire adequate language and pre-literacy skills will succeed in learning to read.

As the Literacy Team of SST4, our role is to promote early literacy in Lake and Geauga Counties. Our plan is to improve adult actions to positively impact the reading achievement of all students, including students with disabilities.

The bi-products of childhood experiences are also the building blocks of reading: language development and early literacy skills. Childhood experiences form powerful brain connections which are precursors of basic skills such as listening, talking and singing. They are also responsible for the more demanding and complex reading and writing skills.  All of these skills are required for success in the 21st century.

Our goal is to coach adults involved in helping our children reach their potential as successful readers. We provide professional development to DLTs, BLTs, TBTs sharpening all educators’ abilities to diagnose why students are struggling and how to provide proven interventions.

The literacy team works to guide other important stakeholders such as families and communities via programs and events highlighting the importance of the family’s engagement and the community’s role in building reading readiness.

We all must “Tune in, take turns and talk more.” (

The National Reading Panel purports that for children to be good readers, they must be taught:

  • phonemic awareness skills - the ability to manipulate the sounds that make up spoken language;

  • phonics skills - the understanding that there are relationships between letters and sounds;

  • the ability to read fluently with accuracy, speed, and expression;

  • and to apply reading comprehension strategies to enhance understanding and enjoyment of what they read.

Families and Literacy

State Support Team Region 4 offers several learning opportunities to our local school districts and families residing in Lake and Geauga Counties. This includes working with families to help encourage early literacy and language development.


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